Providing genealogy research services 
to individuals and their families.

Tracing your family tree can be fun, but it also demands time, skill, and vigilance.  Here are some tips for getting started:

  • Record everything you know about your family, listing names, birth dates, anniversaries,  and the like.
  • Gather important family documents such as birth, marriage, death certificates, diplomas and school records, licenses, passports, and resumes.
  • Gather family photographs.
  • Interview family members, particularly your parents and older relatives. Encourage them to relate what they know and have heard about your family history and ancestors.
  • Start gathering information from sources outside your family: newspapers, town halls, genealogy reference libraries, national and state archives, and online genealogy sites.
  • Attend genealogy seminars and workshops if available. Often your local library or historical society will offer such help.
  • Record the information you gather in a notebook and/or on an online genealogy site.
  • Consult a genealogical reference service for extra help––that’s where Holmes Creative Services comes in!!! 

To request information about and fees for the genealogy services of Holmes Creative Services, use the information on the contact page.


For a genealogical slide show, click on the photograph.

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